We are glad that you have found My Pregnancy Place a site dedicated to help make your pregnancy more fun and enjoyable while providing you with the information and resources to answer your daily questions.  The site is always changing and adding new things all with the intentions and expectations to help you create the best pregnancy experience possible. Everything with My Pregnancy Place is free – so enjoy.

Health Info

This site is here to make your pregnancy more enjoyable with our pregnancy and baby tools.  You will find the free pregnancy journal which gives you access to forums, a week by week newsletter, baby naming tools, and more. For pregnancy information, we recommend the American Pregnancy Association. For those trying to conceive, you will find information on ovulation, natural family planning, pregnancy symptoms, and an ovulation calendar.

For women who are already pregnant, you will be able to learn more about prenatal vitamins, doulas, midwives, and birth centers, and Prenatal MassageWIC is another common need for new mothers, so you can learn more here and locate local WIC offices too.

Nurse Hotline is a resource that connects you with nurse and other health care helplines and resources to address your concerns.

Additionally, the APA site is good for common complications like miscarriage, bleeding during pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and morning sickness. There are things for helping you plan your pregnancy and birth such as cord blood banking, birth plans, a pregnancy calculator and their pregnancy week by week newsletter.

Abortion information is available here.

Pregnancy Travel and more Pregnancy Fun

The Travel Tracker is the only pre-populated travel wish list letting you check off travel feats as you do them as well as giving you new bucket list ideas for future travel.

Seven Wonders: Protecting and promoting The seven natural wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef and Victoria Falls are two of the leading natural wonders. These are fun wonders of nature to experience as you are trying to conceive or early in your pregnancy.

Irving Bible Church – Community Bible Church is a nondenominational church in Irving, TX

Endangered Species need the protection of all of us.  Every step we take today increases the probability that they will be with us tomorrow.  The wildlife is much of what makes the Seven Wonders of Nature.

When to go If you are pregnant and wanting to go on vacation before the baby arrives. This is a great place to explore and discover the best times to go.

Natural Wonders of the Caribbean The Caribbean is a great place with so many destination options White sand beaches, mountains, adventure, nature – the Caribbean has it all for couples looking to enhance their trying to conceive efforts.

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