My Pregnancy Place was created by health professionals for the purpose of delivering pregnancy health education that helps new mothers create the healthiest and most positive pregnancy and birth experience possible. My Pregnancy Place is a life affirming organization committed to the more positive decision of carrying a child to term.  My Pregnancy Place provides moms and moms-to-be with a free online journal along with tons of helpful information making the pregnancy journey healthy and fun.

My Pregnancy Place also partners with other pregnancy wellness sites to deliver you to the information, resources and services you need that are not on this site.

My Pregnancy Place was launched in 2007 as an exciting endeavor with the purpose of increasing the positive experiences available to moms and moms-to-be. Additionally, My Pregnancy Place is committed to increasing the positive outcomes of healthy babies in this country.

If you are an organization, individual, or resource committed to making a difference in the lives of new mothers, please do not hesitate to contact My Pregnancy Place to discuss means for partnering together to enhance their pregnancy experiences.

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