14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant – My Growing Baby

My growing baby has added another half an inch.  My baby is weighing in at 2 ounces and is now around four inches.*

14 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for my baby

My baby’s arms are growing and getting closer to the right proportion compared to the body.  My baby’s spleen is functioning and producing red blood cells while the liver is making bile.  That wonderful face of my baby can now make smiles, frowns and squint which may be accompanied by thumb sucking.*

14 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for me

The clothes have gotten tighter, your breasts have increased, and your stomach is certainly showing at least to some extent.  If you haven’t already you are probably headed to the maternity store or finding clothes that are more comfortable.  The extent to which you are showing depends on how your body responds to the hormones, the diet that you maintain, any related exercise and if this is a first or subsequent pregnancy.*

14 Weeks Pregnant – Planning this week

Mood swings are expected during pregnancy and they can happen with the onset of hormones or rear their heads as your hormones begin to decrease and settle down.  It is fair to say that you will experience an array of emotions including joy, stress, fear, anticipation and excitement and more than likely some sense of stress and exhaustion.  It is common to be questioning things like:

  • What type of parent will I be?
  • Will my baby be healthy or normal?
  • How are we going to cover the new expenses?
  • Am I doing everything right?
  • What if I do something wrong?
  • What if we experience a birth defect?

Know that these questions are normal and it is important to talk about them with your partner, your healthcare provider, family and friends.  Support comes in many faces.

14 Weeks Pregnant – Health Tips

Another type of skin change be be the onset of moles or an increase in the moles that you have.  Although these are probably pregnancy related it is important to make your healthcare provider aware of anything new.

14 Weeks Pregnant – Tips for my partner

Throughout your partner’s pregnancy it is easy for her to get tired and even become exhausted.  Anything you can do to create opportunities for her to take a nap, sleep in, or get some good rest is a good thing both for her and the baby.  If you already have kids, take them out for breakfast on Saturday and let her sleep in (but bring back some pancakes). Take on extra duties around the house which also free her up to get some down time.

Last Updated: 11/2012

* All measurements are provided as a general guide for common pregnancy development which may vary depending on the nutrition, mother’s health or accurate dating of conception.  Every pregnancy is unique and may be experienced differently even for the same woman.  It is important to undertand that babies develop at a different rate even before they are born. The purpose of this developmental information is to give you a general idea of how your baby is growing, and you must remember that your baby’s growth may vary from that which is outlined.

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