15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks Pregnant – My Growing Baby

I cant believe that my growing baby has grown five inches and now weighs two ounces.*

15 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for my baby

Although it really can’t be seen, my baby’s skin is so thin that the blood vessels can actually be seen.  The ears are starting to look like normal ears and the eyes are even closer to the nose now making the face looking even more normal.  Although my baby has probably already sucked a thumb, this may actually be seen on a sonogram at this time.  My baby’s bones have also begun to ossify and get harder.*

15 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for me

Gaining a little more or less than the average five pounds is alright and gives you nothing to worry about.  Your stomach is probably showing more and even getting noticed by others.  If your weight is much more or much less than the average five pounds consult your healthcare provider to see if there is anything you need to do different with your diet, your exercise or other activities.   Your uterus has grown even more and it is possible that you may even be able to feel the top of the uterus yourself.  You would be looking for this about four to five inches above your belly button.*

15 Weeks Pregnant – Planning this week

If you have a prenatal visit this week, you can expect your healthcare provider to measure your fundal height which is the distance between the top of your pubic bone to the top of your uterus.   This measurement is one of the ways they track the growth and position of your baby.

15 Weeks Pregnant – Health Tips

Getting good rest is often a challenge which leads many women to question how they sleep.  Sleeping on your side is the best position because it takes pressure off of the aorta and inferior vena cava.  Sleepign on your back or your stomach can add undue pressure on your uterus or inferior vena cava.  Many women will use extra pillows or a body pillow to help them find a more comfortable way to sleep on their side.

15 Weeks Pregnant – Tips for my partner

That massage tip that you used before may also be a good step to helping your partner get a good night sleep.  Try giving her a massage shortly before she goes to bed.  This may help her relax and make it easier to slide into a true slumber.  Don’t forget to let her sleep in as much as possible – rest is good for she and the baby.

Last Updated: 11/2012

* All measurements are provided as a general guide for common pregnancy development which may vary depending on the nutrition, mother’s health or accurate dating of conception.  Every pregnancy is unique and may be experienced differently even for the same woman.  It is important to undertand that babies develop at a different rate even before they are born. The purpose of this developmental information is to give you a general idea of how your baby is growing, and you must remember that your baby’s growth may vary from that which is outlined.

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