17 Weeks Pregnant

17 Weeks Pregnant – My Growing Baby

Another half an inch has been gained by my growing baby and it now weighs four ounces.*

17 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for my baby

My baby’s ears have reached their final position and are now gaining a sense of hearing.  My baby is now starting to gain fat tissue which will help regulate the body’s temperature and make my baby look more like a normal baby.  The umbilical cord is lengthening, becoming thicker and getting stronger which is necessary to move blood, oxygen and nutrients to and from.*

17 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for me

Your uterus is becoming more round and growing with my baby.  The additional growth will begin to cause other organs to shift to make room.  In particular, the growth in from your uterus will start moving your intestines up and out towards the side of your abdomen. Standing may make it easier to feel your uterus if you are trying to find it.

17 Weeks Pregnant – Planning this week

Allergies may become more prevalent during pregnancy.  Unfortunately, this is normal.  It is best to consult your healthcare provider before taking any over the counter medications or prescriptions for your allergies.  You may also find that the local pharmacy is helping in identifying safe over-the-counter medications to use to relieve you of the onset of allergies.

17 Weeks Pregnant – Health Tips

Sciatic nerve pain is a pain felt in your legs.  The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body, providing sensory and motor function to the lower extremities. The sciatic nerve runs under your uterus to your legs. The cause of sciatic nerve pain is thought to be associated with pressure on the nerve caused by your developing baby.

17 Weeks Pregnant – Tips for my partner

Covering prenatal expenses may lead you to wonder how in the world you are going to afford all the things related to raising a child.  Some couples find it easier to start saving for college and other expenses as soon as they discover that they are pregnant.  It is never too earlier and easier the earlier you start.  A few dollars every week or month will quickly add up over the next 18 years.

Last Updated: 11/2012

* All measurements are provided as a general guide for common pregnancy development which may vary depending on the nutrition, mother’s health or accurate dating of conception.  Every pregnancy is unique and may be experienced differently even for the same woman.  It is important to undertand that babies develop at a different rate even before they are born. The purpose of this developmental information is to give you a general idea of how your baby is growing, and you must remember that your baby’s growth may vary from that which is outlined.

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