31 Weeks Pregnant

31 Weeks Pregnant – My Growing Baby

My growing baby is getting bigger and bigger now measuring in at 15 inches in length and weighing somewhere between 3 ½ to 4 pounds.*

My Pregnancy – Changes for my baby

My baby is getting more and more fat which is helping it look more and more like a newborn. Your baby’s weight is probably going to double and then some over these last weeks.  The average size of a baby at birth is around 7 ½ pounds and the length will be around 19 to 21 inches.*

31 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for me

Colostrum may begin leaking from your breast.  This is a yellowish or creamy substance that is pre-milk.  This is part of your breasts development as they get ready for feeding your baby.  Colostrum is thicker than the milk you will feed your baby.  It is Ok if you do not leak colostrum because not all women do.  If you experience any leaking, you might want to try using nursing pads that go inside your bra.

Braxton hicks, irregular and false contractions, may show up at any time during the last weeks of your pregnancy.  The onset of Braxton Hicks contractions helps you get ready for what to expect when actual contractions set in.  One key difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and labor contractions is the consistency.  Braxton Hicks contractions will be irregular.

31 Weeks Pregnant – Planning this week

The American Academy of Pediatricians recommend that you breastfeed your babies.  It is important that you learn the benefits of breastfeeding and use that as you compare the advantages and disadvantages between breastfeeding and bottle feeding.  You also need to learn about formula and what place it has your feeding of your baby.

31 Weeks Pregnant – Health Tips

Hemorrhoids are one of the symptoms of pregnancy that often show up during the last trimester. A hemorrhoids is a varicose vein that has swollen in size and are often painful. You chances are higher of experiencing hemorrhoids if you are dealing with constipation.  Other factors that affect your chances of getting hemorrhoids include standing for long periods of time and advanced maternal age.  Hemorrhoids most often improve if not go away completely after the birth of your baby.  Here are some steps you can take if you are experiencing hemorrhoids during pregnancy:

  • Place baking soda (wet or dry) in the area to remove the itch
  • Take warm baths with baking soda in the water
  • Use witch hazel or lemon juice to reduce swelling or bleeding
  • Take an herbal sitz bath
  • Use Tucks pads
  • Use Comfrey or Yellowdock root ointment

31 Weeks Pregnant – Tips for my partner

As your baby’s arrival draws nearer this can generate fears related to your preparedness and abilities to care for a child.  The first step is to communicate with your partner about your fears and any fears that she may have too.  Good discussions is a great way to alleviate some of these fears.  Other fears may be alleviated or reduced by pursuing parenting classes, getting trained in infant CPR and learning some sold first aid skills.  This can build confidence and intimacy as the two of you pursue these things together.

Last Updated: 11/2012

* All measurements are provided as a general guide for common pregnancy development which may vary depending on the nutrition, mother’s health or accurate dating of conception.  Every pregnancy is unique and may be experienced differently even for the same woman.  It is important to undertand that babies develop at a different rate even before they are born. The purpose of this developmental information is to give you a general idea of how your baby is growing, and you must remember that your baby’s growth may vary from that which is outlined.

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