35 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Pregnant – My Growing Baby

My growing baby is now measuring between 15 ¾ to 18 inches long and weighing 5 ½ to 6 pounds.*

35 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for my baby

For all practical purposes the development of my baby is complete.  The kidneys, liver, heart are all fully functioning.  The only thing that really changes now is the type of movements made by my baby who has less room for summer salts.  There will still be routine movements and you still want to monitor the movements, but they will be different.

35 Weeks Pregnant – Changes for me

Your uterus is now a whole six inches above your belly button and your weight has now progressed to be somewhere between 24 to 29 pounds. As noted previously, you may be short of breath and have trouble breathing because of the size and placement of your uterus.  At some point here soon, your baby is going to drop which is referred to as lightening.  This means that your baby is moving down into your pelvis region.  This will relieve the pressure on your breathing but it will add to the pressure on your bladder.  Don’t be surprised if you have a sharp increase in the number of trips to the bathroom.  The good news is that you are getting closer.

35 Weeks Pregnant – Planning this week

If not now, your healthcare provider will probably request to see you weekly starting next week.  Your baby could come any week now and your healthcare provider wants to be on top of the progress of both you and your baby.  You will be reporting your baby’s kicks or movements to your healthcare provider.  Here are the recommendations for counting your baby’s movements provided by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

  • Ideally, you want to feel at least 10 movements within 2 hours
  • Use a notebook or kick counts chart to record movements
  • If you have not felt 10 kicks by the end of the second hour, wait a few hours and try again
  • If you still do not feel much movement, make sure to read our information on kick counts and when it is necessary to call your health care provider

35 Weeks Pregnant – Health Tips

If you haven’t started looking already, now is the time to start looking for a pediatrician for your baby.  Your healthcare provider, family and friends or someone from your church may have a recommendation for you.  You also want to start looking into circumcision and immunizations and deciding what is best for your baby.  It never hurts to also inquire with a potential pediatrician on office policies like after hour phone calls, nurs lines, and scheduling or canceling appointments.

35 Weeks Pregnant – Tips for my partner

It was already suggested once, but if you haven’t, now is a good time to discuss how involved you want to be in the birth process.  Things you want to consider include cutting the umbilical cord, videoing the birth, supporting your partner, or staying away because of probably fainting.  As usual, the important thing now is to talk through these things with your partner – communication is the best answer.

Last Updated: 11/2012

* All measurements are provided as a general guide for common pregnancy development which may vary depending on the nutrition, mother’s health or accurate dating of conception.  Every pregnancy is unique and may be experienced differently even for the same woman.  It is important to undertand that babies develop at a different rate even before they are born. The purpose of this developmental information is to give you a general idea of how your baby is growing, and you must remember that your baby’s growth may vary from that which is outlined.

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