Your Preconception Visit

It is generally recommended that women considering pregnancy and trying to become pregnant have an appointment with their health care provider 3 months before trying to conceive. Such an appointment is called the Pre-Conception visit and enables the health care provider and mother-to-be, as well as her spouse or partner, to plan the roadmap for a successful pregnancy. This appointment aims to prevent complications, address medical issues that you may have, and tailor changes to your lifestyle that promote you and your baby’s wellness.

The following 10 items are generally covered in the pre-conception visit:

  1. A detailed family history from you and your husband/partner.
  2. A listing of all medications you and your husband/partner take, this includes prescription drugs, herbals, and over-the-counter medications.
  3. Results from a thorough physical examination.
  4. A detailed medical history from you and your husband/partner.
  5. A list of possible occupational and environmental exposures.
  6. A complete immunization history. What vaccines have you received and when.
  7. Your tobacco, alcohol and recreational drug use, past and present.  (Here is where its hard for some people to be honest—but it is important for your care provider to know all the facts so they can give you the best care.)
  8. Your sexual behavioral practices, past and present.
  9. A nutritional history. What are you eating? Any vitamins? Any weight gain or weight loss recently?
  10. An exercise history and how exercise can be altered during pregnancy.

Last Updated: 03/2007

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