When to Get Pregnant

when to get pregnantWhen to get pregnant is a question that may be asked for different reasons. Some women are wanting to know when to get pregnant from a specific time of the month. Other women want to know when to get pregnant from a season of life perspective. We will look to address these questions from a variety of perspectives. In some cases will be talking from a practical view point, whereas at other times we will be talking about personal preferences.

When to Get Pregnant: Monthly Timing

If you are currently trying to grow your family, then when to get pregnant is a monthly timing question. This is really more of a question about ovulation. When to get pregnant is really about when are you ovulating. The average cycle is 28 to 30 days with the average ovulation occurring around day 14. Please keep in mind, these are averages that we are talking about. The first question is whether or not your cycle is regular. Does your cycle occur around the same time each month. The more regular your cycle the easier it is to track and know when you are ovulating.

Knowing when you ovulate is the key to know when to get pregnant. Ovulation can be determined with bodily cues, taking ovulation tests, or using a fertility monitor. Once you know when your ovulation is occurring, then you know when to get pregnant. The best time to try and conceive is by having sex two days prior to ovulation and then again as you are ovulating. Ideally, you will have sex four days before ovulation, two days before ovulation and then again as you are ovulating.

Some people ask, why not have sex every day during the 4 to 5 days prior to ovulation. The primary reason is to make sure that you have healthy mature sperm with each ejaculation. Too much sex can result in immature sperm. With sperm living 2 to 3 days, every other day is sufficient.

Knowing when you are ovulating and knowing when to have sex in relation to ovulation is directly related to your question when to get pregnant. If you know the first two then you know the last one.

When to Get Pregnant: Personal Timing

When to get pregnant in regards to your season of life is a more challenging question. In most cases the actual answer is more of a personal preference. However, there are some practical things to consider when it comes to questioning when to get pregnant. Here are some topics or areas of your life to evaluate as your contemplate getting pregnant:

Personal Finances: This does not mean do you have all the money in the bank. However, it is a good idea to make sure that you have some initial financial reserves. Secondly, you want to look at your revenue stream and make certain that you are able to afford the things you need to care for your baby.

Maternity Coverage: This is not a necessity but it is a factor to consider. Particularly in relation to the answers as you address the above. Getting maternity insurance these days is actually becoming rather difficult. Many employers and insurance groups are making maternity coverage an extra option. If you planning on getting pregnant in the months ahead, start looking into pregnancy insurance now. Your life will be easier and of course it will be more affordable if you have maternity coverage.

Relationship status: You are not required to be married to have a child. However, it is a question you want to consider. Although you can still leave through divorce, getting married usually represents a great commitment than just living together. Unfortunately, some guys talk about having a kid until that reality happens. Make sure you are in a committed relationship because raising a child is a life long process.

Schooling: You do not have to have school completed before getting pregnant and having a child. Millions of women have given birth to a child while completing or furthering their education. It is important to think and plan through that. School is stressful on its own. Adding a child greatly increases the challenges of daily living and taking care of homework and school requirements.

Career: As noted above, you do not have to give up a career to have a child. However, it is something to think through. Between you and your partner, who will be the primary caretaker? Who says home from work if the baby is sick? Do you have plans to breastfeed your baby? What are your thoughts about daycare? These are all things you want to think through when it comes to working and when to get pregnant.

Stage of Life: Some people want to have children as early as possible so that they have more years as grandparents or as empty nest younger adults. Having children earlier in life increases the probability that you will be a younger grandparent with more opportunities to enjoy grandchildren. It also increases the probably that after your children grow and leave the house, that you will be younger and healthier to take advantage of travel.

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